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My review of the top bb creams on the market.

BB Cream (an abbreviation for “Blemish Balm Cream”) is among Asia’s hottest beauty products right now. This multifunctional skincare cream is said to have originated in Germany as an ointment dermatologists would prescribe to patients who have undergone laser skin surgery for its soothing, healing and skin-regenerating properties. Popular Korean celebrities were the first to start using the cream for beauty purposes and because KDramas (a.k.a. Korean drama series) are pretty big at the moment (here in Asia at least), a craze was born. Korean doctors, and companies have since formulated new and innovative functions and ingredients to this cream making this product a ‘total’ skincare cream from Asia. It is said that 85% of Asian women own a bb cream.  The beauty trend has now spread from Korea to Japan to South East Asia and, is quickly making its way to Europe and North America.

At the moment there are said to be dozens of bb cream on the market. It is no wonder why so many women get so confused as to what brand and type is most suitable especially considering there are so many biased reviews on the market.
We did a survey of 200 participants at a local University in the heart of BB cream land in South Korea to find out which products and brands ranked the highest. This survey was done based on the following criteria. Colour, ease of use, price, quality, functionality, brand image, and the overall look when the bb cream brand was applied.
Here were our results.
The best BB Cream will depend on your type of skin (dry, normal, etc). so buyers should always do thorough research before making their purchase.
BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream – this is one of the best BB Creams on the market today. It has a natural skin tone like in 2 weeks and gives the best and specially more natural coverage. You really don’t look like you have any make up with this bb cream (remember to give 5 minutes to set to your natural color). However, it can be hard to blend and is slightly on the expensive side. It has a SPF 50 PA +++  which is amazing for base sun protection. UVA and UVB.  Has natural anti oxidants and anti aging from the caviar extracts. The colour is a pinkish undertone so its great for light to medium skintone but bad for darker skintone. BRTC is known as a high quality medical brand and is known for their premium botanical ingredients.  Their marketing design looks very neutral and boring mixed with blue and whites but their overall quality is the best out there. Apparently there are many fake BRTC products so be careful and purchase only from trusted sites. Here is their official site:

Here is a full video review for a comparison of BRTC’s top bb creams. WATCH THIS BEFORE PURCHASING ANY BB CREAM!

Perfect Cover BB Cream – This BB Cream has SPF 42 PA+++. The coverage is good (not as natural as BRTC though), easy to blend on the face, will still make ones face slighly oily but takes at least 3 hours on average before it is noticable. The good thing about this cream is the higher spf and that it comes in two shades No. 21 for light beige and No. 23 for natural beige (I use No. 21). The bb cream doesnt make ones face breakout so overall is a good bb cream. The smell of this bb cream has a unique  ’baby powdery’ smell that people either love or hate. Overall Misshia is one of the most popular brands on the market. Their brand image is high but their quality is very average -making their prices in range.  Their site is



Super Beblesh Balm

Here is another brand that has international presence and is a main player in the bb cream market.

Known for its sparkly and girlish toned decor, Skin79 has many bb creams on the market to choose from.
One of the most popular bb cream is their Super Beblesh Balm which has 3 functions: whitening, sun protection and anti aging. This bb cream comes in a pink tube that looks like a perfume. It seems that Skin79 spends alot of their marketing dollars on their design but should use more on their ingredients. Overall this bb cream was very easy to blend and not that expensive compared to other bb cream brands. It is a good base bb cream and staying power is good. The main issue that kept recurring from the surveys was that 30% of the women that tried Skin79 bb creams got small to medium breakouts and rashes. However the remaining 70% of users really seemed to enjoy the benefits of Skin79 brand It seems like a hit and miss for most users.
Here is their site


Dr. Jart.

Dr. Jart has the second highest grade of ingredients next to BRTC. They are known for their quality but extremely pricy -some bb creams costing $60. Their design and advertising has a cool look to it often mixed with black and silver. Unfortunatley there is no official site for Dr. Jart however many bb cream stores online sell this brand.The most popular bb cream from Dr. Jart is Silver Label BB Cream. This is a base bb cream with whitening and SPF35/PA++. Many girls often stated that Dr. Jart has a good medium base coverage so if your looking for something lighter or heavier than Dr. Jart is not for you. This bb cream has decent oil control but the tone is not great for darker skintones. Overall a great bb cream and a strong brand but their prices are highly over priced.

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